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Our Company

ProStar Geocorp, Inc. 'ProStar' is a provider of precision geospatial services & solutions designed to serve the utility and pipeline industries. ProStar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Precision Solutions, LLP and has offices in Grand Junction, Colorado USA and Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The Company's focus is to improve the accuracy, content and effectiveness of asset location data. ProStar services combine patented processes with modern GPS, Cloud and Mobile technologies to enhance all aspects of current utility and pipeline asset management and damage prevention practices. ProStar services & solutions streamlines the data lifecycle and improves the delivery, visualization and quality of the data allowing more informed decisions to now be made in the office as well as in the field, where the worker, the public and the environment are at risk. ProStar services & solutions deliver immediate and substantial value to stakeholders engaged in any phase of the asset management lifecycle including, planning, design, engineering, construction, land services and damage prevention.


Our Geospatial Services & Solutions

GPS, Mobile Apps and geospatial services have become ubiquitous. Location based data is now being collected, stored and shared using a variety of data management systems and often synchronized with some sort of map in order to be graphically displayed. The applications for location service technologies in the utility and pipeline industry are many, including data collection, planning & design, inventory, equipment monitoring, asset management and damage prevention practices. ProStar geospatial services & solutions are designed to enhance current asset management and damage prevention practices by enabling interoperability between enterprise operations and project field personnel. Real-time connectivity and visualization of precision location data is achieved by combining proprietary processes with state-of-the-art GPS, Cloud and Mobile solutions. ProStar's web-based services and proprietary integration processes are designed to dramatically improve all aspects of field operations and to reduce damages that can occur when groundbreaking activities are involved.

A real challenge facing other geospatial systems is the age old adage of "garbage in, garbage out". In other words, in order for anyone to make business decisions based on location data, they must be able to trust the data quality, source and accuracy being provided. ProStar's precision data processes using patented data collection, system integration and data management services are designed to improve and maintain the data integrity and quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the data from its point of capture to storage and retrieval. ProStar geospatial services are GPS-centric and provide business rules and processes specifically designed to provide the user with the ability to validate and qualify the data using our patented precision & pedigree™ processes. When collecting, storing, and retrieving data from a single source, it is a relatively easy task to display the data in its original positional references. However, when the scenario arises that data is collected using various protocols, methodologies, hardware and software, and is required to be shared, the end user is much more likely to be faced with confusion and introduce an error, resulting in data degradation. Such is the nature of our business practices today with all the disparate systems in use by the owners and operators, one-call centers, municipalities, state and federal agencies, and various other stakeholders.


Our Value

ProStar geospatial services and solutions are offered as open source Software as a Service (SaaS). This approach enables clients to easily integrate current business practices and immediately enhance operations without substantial change or investment in hardware and software. Our patented Cloud, Mobile and Systems Integration services and solutions connect client's office enterprise systems with field operations so that both office and field personnel can visualize work flow processes in real time. This interoperability means that data being captured and stored during installation meets QC requirements and that existing records can be cross referenced to validate their values or identify discrepancies. When close enough is no longer good enough, our data collection and data management services enable more precise processes and visualizations that improve all the metrics key to maintaining the data's quality and integrity throughout the entire project life cycle. The bottom line is that ProStar provides geospatial services & solutions that are easier, faster and more effective and enable our clients to realize real and measurable value, including:

   Leverage WMS, WFS, & OGC® Standards 

   Realtime Connectivity with Field & Office 

   Integrate to Existing Enterprise Systems 

   Streamline Business & Workflow Processes 

   Provide Precision & Quality Location Data 

   Easy Adoption & Low Cost Of Ownership 


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