What Does ProStar do? ProStar Geocorp™ is the leading provider of Geospatially Intelligent Solutions™ to the pipeline and utility industry. The company's focus is to provide Geospatial Intelligence Software as a Service 'GaaS'™ to significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, content and effectiveness of current industry business practices. ProStar Solutions combine on-premise systems with patented precision integration processes, geospatial intelligence and open data standards running on the world's best geospatial, cloud and mobile platforms.

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How Can ProStar's Solutions Help You? ProStar's Cloud & Mobile Solution can make all of your disparate business systems interoperable and significantly improve the delivery, visualization and quality of data throughout your organization including, the office and the field operations.

Disparate Data Systems and Our Industry. When data is from a single system of record (SOR) be it CAD or GIS, it is a relatively easy task to capture, store and display the data in its original reference. However, if data was collected using an array of protocols, methodologies, hardware and software, and is required to be shared with multiple sources, the result is often exposure to what is known as data degradation. Such is the nature of business practices today with all the disparate data collection and data management systems in use by the operational departments. In fact, a large amount of data is being provided by various service providers including, contracted engineering & survey firms, construction companies and locate technicians all using various business practices and data models. But wait, it actually gets worse. Most of the data being used today was actually compiled from paper design documents known as as-built drawings, which by their very nature are not geospatially precise and a majority of these paper drawings were produced several decades ago and in some cases even longer.

How does ProStar's
Solution Address Disparate Data?
ProStar Solutions use modern web-services and open data standards, which supports integrating client's existing business systems and practices in order to eliminate data silos and streamline data processes making the entire asset management lifecycle, easier, faster and more precise. By eliminating silos and standardizing data, ProStar's Solutions dramatically improve field-to-office communications, workflow processes and the ability to capture and qualify precision data. ProStar's Solutions can even provide real-time data from other business systems, including GIS and CAD, so that field operators can verify legacy data and rectify these historical records when needed.

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