ProStar Geocorp™ is a provider of Geospatial Intelligence Software™ as a Service. ProStar Solutions are specifically designed to serve the utility and pipeline industries. ProStar has offices in Grand Junction, Raleigh and Vancouver, Canada. The company's focus is to improve the accuracy, content and effectiveness of geospatial data. ProStar services combine our patented processes with open standards, cloud and mobile technologies to enhance all aspects of current utility and pipeline asset management practices.

ProStar's Solutions streamline the data lifecycle and improves the delivery, visualization and quality of data allowing informed decisions to be made in the office as well as in the field, where the worker, the public and the environment are exposed to risk. ProStar's solutions deliver immediate and substantial value to stakeholders engaged in any phase of the asset management lifecycle including, planning, design and engineering, as well as land, project and risk management.

ProStar's Solutions operate on both mobile and cloud platforms. This interoperability between the enterprise and project field personnel means that data being captured and stored during installation meets QA/QC requirements and existing asset data and associated records can be cross referenced to validate the data integrity or identify discrepancies. Geospatial intelligence as a service enables clients to easily integrate their enterprise business systems and immediately enhance operations without substantial change or investment in current business practices.

When close enough is no longer good enough, Geospatial Intelligence enables more precise data processes and data visualization that improve all the metrics key to maintaining the data's quality and integrity throughout the entire asset management lifecycle.

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