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Fanatical Support® has made Rackspace the world’s leader in hosting. Rackspace delivers enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Rackspace got started in 1998 and since have grown to serve more than 200,000 customers and more than 60% of the Fortune ® 100 trusting Rackspace's support. Rackspace integrates the industry’s best technologies for each customer's specific need and delivers it as a service via the company’s commitment to Fanatical Support. There are currently over 2,900 Rackers around the world serving our customers. Rackspace has six data centers operating in Texas, Illinois, Virginia, the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong engineered to the standards required to support the Rackspace Network. They are designed and maintained without compromise for security or redundancy. Ever.


Vivax Metrotech

Metrotech Corporation has been a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for underground utilities for over forty years. Vivax was established in 2005. In 2009, Metrotech and Vivax merged to form a single company now known as the Vivax-Metrotech Corporation. Vivax-Metrotech's headquarters are based in Santa Clara CA, with additional engineering and manufacturing facilities located in Exeter UK and Shanghai PRC. Building on the brand recognition of the Metrotech name, and the expertise of Vivax - the combined company is simply second to none with their products being used by virtually every major utility throughout the world.



EchoRFID is a technology company focused on creating systems that address the many problems facing industry in the arena of pipeline integrity management. For years, both integrity management and data collection have been looked upon with frustration and neither have been well defined which has been the cause of prohibitive consequences throughout the entire industry. EchoRFID's unique system is a convergence of new technologies that delivers solutions for pipeline owners and operators that not only want to comply with pipeline integrity regulations but also derive real value from their requirements. In simple terms; The EchoRFID system provides 'a cradle to grave' integrity management solution.


McKim and Creed

McKim & Creed is an award-winning engineering and surveying firm that provides exceptional and innovative services worldwide. The firm has been recognized by the US Army Corps of Engineers for outstanding topographic and hydrographic surveying and Engineering News-Record consistently ranks McKim & Creed as one of the top 500 design firms and one of the top 200 environmental firms in the United States. Core competencies of the firm include water and wastewater planning and design, site / civil engineering, structural engineering, and surveying specialties ranging from electronic data collection to hydrographic surveying to subsurface utility engineering. In 2006, McKim & Creed was named one of the 100 fastest growing engineering, architectural and environmental firms in America by the Zweig Letter selection committee and has continued to expand its operations through new hires and acquisitions of engineering and surveying firms.


GPS Precision

GPS Precision Inc. is a leader in providing precision GPS solutions to industry throughout Canada. With a primary focus in forestry, mining, utilities, agriculture, survey and environmental, GPS Precision provides unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise and support that ensures clients choose the right hardware and software solution to address their unique GPS and GIS needs. In 2004, GPS Precision Inc. became an exclusive reseller for Geneq the maker of the advanced SXBlue GPS solution which offers unprecedented real-time DGPS, true submeter precision (60cm, 2dRMS (95%)) and no post-processing. Specializing in precise real-time GPS solutions GPS Precision, Inc. provides thier clients with the ability to save time, money, increase productivity and enhance worker safety.


Geneq Inc.

GENEQ inc. is a home-grown company located in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The company was founded in 1972 under the name of GENIE Equipment which sold test instruments for soil, concrete, and asphalt. In 1976, the company changed its name to GENEQ inc. and has grown into a one-stop provider of technical instruments and now specializes in land surveying, materials testing, biotechnology, environment and geomatics. Geneq strives to offer products that offer the best value for its clients, including its full line of precision GPS/GNSS receivers, the SXBlue series which leverages the most recent advents in geomatics technologies.


Cranium 360

Cranium 360 is a marketing and communications agency built on three areas of focus: Marketing - Communication - Results. It was founded in 2005 with a singular philosophy to understand clients and their business goals and provide a complete set of on-target and strategic services. Information is gathered and used to create deliberate actions that combine a bit of art and science to accomplish a clearly articulated marketing and communications strategy with measurable results. Providing services such as identity development, graphic design, package design, video & radio production, media planning & buying, social media, public relations and web development, Cranium 360 stands as a full-service entity.




PODS logo

ProStar is a proud member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). OGC® is an international industry consortium of 473 companies, government agencies and universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly available interface standards. OGC® Standards support interoperable solutions that "geo-enable" the Web, wireless and location-based services and mainstream IT. The standards empower technology developers to make complex spatial information and services accessible and useful with all kinds of applications.

PODS - Pipeline Open Data Standard

The PODS Association is a member-driven organization which provides pipeline operators a highly scalable database architecture to integrate critical records and analysis data and geospatial location for each component of their pipeline system in a vendor-neutral platform. There are numerous and far-reaching benefits to the pipeline industry in the establishment, development, and employment of pipeline data standards, and these benefits are realized by companies who adopt these standards and utilize them in the management of their pipeline data. Input from member companies has helped shape the organization from its inception, and continues to be a critical component to shaping the future direction of the PODS Pipeline Data Model and the Association. The PODS Association was created to develop and support open data storage and interchange standards to meet the specific data management needs of pipeline companies. All functions of the Association operate under these three guiding principles: Improve interoperability, member knowledge sharing and growth. PODS members include the world's largest oil and gas companies, utilities, service and software providers to the industry, government agencies, and industry associations.



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