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The ProStar GIS Services & Solutions are Transparent Earth®, PointMan® and Precision Integration™ which combine Cloud, Mobile and enterprise integration technologies designed to provide real-time connectivity, visualization and interoperability between client enterprise systems and their field operations. The ProStar GIS services & solutions use open standards, are GPS-centric and support client's existing business practices in order to streamline processes making managing asset location data, easier, faster and more precise. All of our GIS services & solutions are web-service-enabled and supported on a secure cloud infrastructure. Our GIS service and mobile software solution are composed of patented processes, integration tools and business rules that are uniquely designed to improve all phases of utility and pipeline asset management and damage prevention practices. By providing real-time connectivity and enterprise interoperability, office and field operations can now be viewed, managed, shared and controlled by office and project site management from a desktop and mobile device. Additonally, by providing realtime data from the enterprise systems, including GIS and CAD systems, field operators can capture, qualify and verify precise location data in order to rectify historical records when needed. With ProStar GIS services & Mobile solution, our clients eliminate silos and dramatically improve field-to-office communications, workflow processes and the ability to make more informed business decisions.

Transparent Earth
GIS as a Service 'GaaS'™

Transparent Earth® is offered as GIS as a Service "GaaS". Transparent Earth® is an open web-based GIS that runs on the cloud and provides users the visualization, situational awareness and precise location data required to enable better business decisions, meet regulatory compliance and complete both office and field tasks with greater efficiency. Transparent Earth®'s dashboard provides users with a geospatial view and management tools of any relevant data relating to linear assets, including as-built information, photos and documents. Transparent Earth® is designed to work seamlessly and in realtime with the PointMan Mobile solution, to improve field-to-office communications, increase worker productivity and provide for better business decisions out on the project site. This means that Transparent Earth® can both receive and provide asset location data represented as points, lines, polygons and any associated metadata from compliant data collection devices running PointMan®. Transparent Earth® leverages open standards, runs on any browser and provides the locations of field workers as well as all data and documentation, relative to the precise location of linear assets.

   Integrated views of maps and geospatial analytics 

   Easy to use and familiar user experience 

   Client-specific base maps and imagery 

   Maps can be shared with anyone with an account 

   Database retains all data, including project history 

   Satellite view, map view, street view functions 

   View additional layers and create custom objects 

   Supports standard print and file sharing functions 

   Role based system configuration and security

Transparent Earth® GaaS™ provides unprecedented visualization, data analytics and situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in a project from a desktop. With Transparent Earth® dashboard all the available geospatial information and documentation relative to a project is at your fingertips and can be quickly searched and viewed in order to make critical business decisions with a high degree of confidence. Transparent Earth® is designed to seamlessly integrate the GIS data with the PointMan® mobile app, providing quick and easy access to critical information to field operations where a significant increase in productivity, compliance and safety can be realized. The dashboard editing features include:

   User authenticated read and write permissions 

   Markup tools for adding new features and symbology 

   Measure distance of lines and polygons 

   Set custom measurement units (feet, meters, acres, etc.) 

   Add, edit and revise points, lines and polygons 

   Move linear features using designated base points 

   Move map features to specific coordinates 

   Create buffers around points, lines and polygons 

GPS-Centric Mobile Software Application

PointMan® is the mobile component of the system. PointMan® is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset locations and other location related information from a mobile device. PointMan® is designed to collect precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to the points being captured using our patented processes. PointMan® captures, binds and submits the precision & pedigree™ data to ProStar's geospatial database in real time. The PointMan® mobile solution provides the field worker with the ability to visualize their proximity relative to existing infrastructure, view any historical data relating to that infrastructure and provide the ability to update location data. PointMan® also provides the functions to take geo-referenced photos, complete electronic forms, take field notes or create sketches before submitting the information to the geospatial database service.

   Bluetooth and GPS integration with cable & pipe locators 

   Track and trace functions of workforce and visualize workflow 

   Create a file of all features associated with points, lines & polygons 

   Allows for geo-referenced electronic forms to replace paper forms 

   Real time data transactions between field operations and the office 

   Easy to use sketch tools allows user to create field sketches 

   Quick & easy installation onto any Android device 

PointMan® is designed to seamlessly inter-operate with ProStar's desktop management system and provide visualization functionality of client data from GIS and CAD systems. This interoperability means that mobile workers and office personnel can visualize location information in real-time and collaborate from any location. PointMan® features and functionality ensures that the data being captured and stored during installation meets QC standards and that existing records can be cross referenced to validate their values or identify any discrepancies that may exist. PointMan® Mobile application interfaces with modern cable & pipe locators and external GPS & GNSS receivers for precision data locating. Best of all, PointMan® is designed to work both online and offline for instances when connectivity is disrupted or simply unavailable.

Precision Integration
ProStar Precision Integration

ProStar Precision Integration™ provides the integration services that organizations need to quickly integrate the PointMan mobile app and Transparent Earth® GIS service in order to improve their enterprise business processes. ProStar Precision Integration™ is designed to provide preconfigured content to support integration and dashboard function with departmental concerns including pipeline integrity management (PIM), damage prevention, asset management, project management and land services. ProStar Precision Integration™ also supports streaming and conflating source data from other CAD, GIS & Map Services. ProStar Precision Integration™ enables information integration, process integration and user role based security which, when coupled with PointMan® and Transparent Earth®, combine to create the Mobile and Dashboard GIS services. ProStar Precision Integration™ empowers customers to adapt, simplify and integrate business processes, as well as introduce flexible business rules to drive low cost of ownership and operational agility. Best of all, ProStar Precision Integration™ avoids the requirement for expensive customization and drives value by reducing implementation time and resources. ProStar Precision Integration™ helps the entire enterprise to quickly adapt, simplify, accelerate and transform their business processes by leveraging new and emerging technologies that are designed to reduce cost and increase operational flexibility.

   Stream data from 3rd party sources: Google, ESRI & One-Call 

   Enterprise integration from land services, engineering to projects 

   Enables seamless work-flow and data exchange functions 

   Supports user authentications, including roles & privileges  

   Sophisticated administration tools & security protocols  

   Leverages open standards: OGC® Web Feature Services & Web Map Services 

The ProStar Precision Integration™ services team help your business and IT professionals efficiently model, implement, integrate, and monitor business processes. The ProStar Precision Integration™ services team of professionals includes experienced business process, data, and geospatial experts. Specifically, subject matter expertise is provided from professionals such as business analysts, GIS developers, data interpolation experts, mobile developers, system architects, technical architects, trainers, testers, database administrators, project managers, and documentation specialists. We work closely with clients' departmental teams to provide business specific solutions in a consultative, training and operational capacity. This approach ensures that client business practices and methodologies are preserved and that the new vision is embraced in an expedient manner with minimal impact to current practices.


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