ProStar's Geospatially Intelligent Solutions™ are offered as services and include, Transparent Earth®, PointMan® and Precision Integration™ which combine Cloud, Mobile and Geospatial Intelligence designed to provide real-time connectivity, visualization and interoperability between client enterprise systems and their field operations.

ProStar Solutions use modern web-services and open data standards, which support client's existing business practices in order to streamline processes making the entire asset management lifecycle, easier, faster and more precise. ProStar Solutions are provided as a Software as a Service 'SaaS' and supported on the largest and most secure cloud infrastructure in the world. Our Geospatially Intelligent Solutions are composed of patented processes, integration tools and business rules that are uniquely designed to improve all phases of asset management lifecycle practices, while reducing the need for additional investment in on-premise business systems and support infrastructure.

By providing real-time connectivity and enterprise interoperability, office and field operations can now be viewed, managed, shared and controlled by both office and field personnel from desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, by providing real-time data from the enterprise systems, including GIS and CAD systems, field operators can capture, qualify and verify precise location data in order to rectify historical records when needed. With ProStar's Solutions, our clients eliminate silos and dramatically improve field-to-office communications, workflow processes and the ability to make more timely, informed and confident business decisions.

When the data is from a single system of record (SOR) be it CAD or GIS, it is a relatively easy task to capture, store and display the data in its original positional references. However, when the scenario arises that data was collected using various protocols, methodologies, hardware and software, and is required to be shared with multiple sources, the result is exposure to data degradation. Such is the nature of business practices today with all the disparate data collection and data management systems being used by the operational departments, including various GIS and CAD systems. Now, add to the issue that even more data is being provided by contracted engineering & survey firms, construction companies and locate technicians. But wait, it gets worse. Most of the data being used today was actually compiled from paper design documents known as as-bullt drawings, which by their very nature are not geospatially precise and large majority of these paper drawings were produced several decades ago and in some cases even longer.

To address disparate systems being used by industry, ProStar developed Precision Integration® and Precision & Pedigree® which are patented processes that are specifically designed to maintain and measure the data's precision, integrity and quality throughout the entire asset management lifecycle from initial point of capture, to storage, distribution and display, regardless of the system of record (SOR). These processes are now being adopted as both US and Canadian mapping standards as the Standard Guidlines for the Collection and Depiction of Exisitng Subsurface Utility Data and can be found under US ASCE 38-02 and Canada CSA S250.

Transparent Earth® GaaS leverages cloud & mobile technology, open standards and patented processes that combined provide geospatial intelligence relative to the precise location and associated attribute data of linear assets. Transparent Earth runs on any browser and provides users with increased business intelligence through visualization, analytics, situational awareness and precise geospatial data.

Implementation of Transparent Earth enables clients to make more informed business decisions and improve all phases of their asset management business requirements and do so on a more intelligent, timely and efficient basis from both the office and the field.

Transparent Earth provides unprecedented visualization, data analytics and situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in a project. Transparent Earth is designed to integrate with the PointMan mobile app, providing field and office personnel with quick and easy access to critical information so that a significant increase in productivity, compliance and safety can be realized.

PointMan® is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset locations and other location related information from a mobile device. PointMan is designed to collect precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to the points being captured using our patented processes. PointMan captures, binds and submits the precision & pedigree® data to Transparent Earth in real-time.

The PointMan mobile solution provides the field worker with the ability to visualize their proximity relative to existing infrastructure, view any historical data relating to that infrastructure and provide the ability to update location data.

PointMan is designed to seamlessly interoperate with Transparent Earth® enterprise dashboard to provide real-time visualization functionality of asset data including, client data from legacy GIS and CAD systems. This interoperability means that mobile workers and office personnel can visualize location information in real-time and collaborate from any location.

PointMan features and functionality ensures that the data being captured and stored during installation meets QA/QC standards and that existing records can be cross referenced to validate the data's integrity or identify any discrepancies that may exist. PointMan Mobile application runs on intrinsically safe and rugged mobile devices and interfaces with modern cable & pipe locators as well as external GPS & GNSS receivers for precision data locating. Best of all, PointMan is designed to work both online and offline for instances when connectivity is disrupted or simply unavailable.

ProStar Precision Integration® is designed to provide preconfigured content to support integration with enterprise departments and operations including, Land Services, Projects and Risk Management. ProStar Precision Integration also supports streaming and conflating source data from legacy sources including, CAD, GIS & Web-Mapping Services to both desktop and mobile applications. ProStar Precision Integration empowers customers to adapt, simplify and integrate business processes, as well as introduce flexible business rules to drive low cost of ownership and operational agility. Best of all, ProStar Precision Integration avoids the requirement for expensive customization and drives value by reducing implementation time and resources. ProStar Precision Integration helps the entire enterprise to quickly adapt, simplify, accelerate and transform their business processes by leveraging new and emerging technologies that are designed to reduce cost and increase operational flexibility.

Precision Integration tools enable integration between ProStar's solution and existing client on-premise data sources such as CAD, GIS and Land Owner data as well as open data sources such as Google Maps for Work™ and public data sources.

Precision Integration leverages configurable business rules, modern web service protocols including SOAP/REST. Precision Integration also leverages PODS™ data modelling and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)® open data standards, which include WFS, WMS and WPS. This enables data to be standardized and streamed directly from data sources to Transparent Earth. Precision Integration utilizes these globally accepted and compliant protocols to provide real-time access to client data and to insure it can be easily configured and secured. By leveraging globally accepted data modelling and configuration standards, traditional interface concerns, which include inconsistant data formatting and complex workflows are easily addressed.

At ProStar, we work closely with clients' departmental teams to provide business specific solutions in a consultative, training and operational capacity. This approach ensures that client business practices and methodologies are preserved and that the new vision is embraced in an expedient manner with minimal impact to current practices.


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