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ProStar provides services and solutions that make managing asset location data, easier, faster and more precise. The ProStar services & solutions use open standards, are GPS-centric and they are designed to support the client's existing business processes and practices. All of our services & solutions are web-service-enabled and supported on a secure cloud infrastructure. The ProStar geospatial service and mobile software solutions are comprised of patented processes, integration tools and business rules that are uniquely designed to improve all phases of utility and pipeline asset management and damage prevention practices. Our geospatial services & mobile solutions, include ProStar Transparent Earth®, ProStar EarthWorm® and ProStar PointMan™ and are designed to provide real-time connectivity and interoperability between client enterprise systems and their field operations. The real-time connectivity and enterprise interoperability with ProStar geospatial services & solutions means that the field operations and work flow processes can be viewed, managed, shared and controlled by project management via the ProStar Dashboard. Additonally, field operators can collect, inspect & verify new location data as well as examine, compare & rectify historical data records. With ProStar geospatial services & solutions, our clients dramatically improve field-to-office communications, worker productivity and the ability to make better business decisions with a higher level of confidence.


Transparent Earth
Geospatial Cloud Services & Dashboard Analytics

Transparent Earth® (SaaS) is the ProStar geospatial service that provides all stakeholders including, the executive decision makers and the field utility workers with the visualization, situational awareness and precise location data required to enable better decision making, meet regulatory compliance and complete tasks with greater efficiency. The realtime service provided by Transparent Earth allows workers to view all the available data relative to their location including above or below ground assets, as-built information, photos and any documents related to a point, line or bounded area. Transparent Earth is configured to use precise GPS-centric data and ProStar’s precision integration processes to provide a view of the location of field workers relative to the location of buried and surface assets from a browser. The visualization and data analytics Dashboard provide unprecedented situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in a project, both on the project site as well as from the office. With Transparent Earth Dashboard, mission critical information is at the fingertips of project personnel allowing them to make decisions with a higher degree of confidence thereby increasing productivity and potentially reducing the risk of damage to assets during project construction and groundbreaking activities.


GPS-Centric Mobile Software Application

PointMan™ is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset locations and other location related information from a data capturing locate tool or compliant mobile device. PointMan is designed to collect very accurate GPS location points including the precision of the point and the pedigree of the ‘metadata’ associated to the point being captured. PointMan captures, binds, and submits the precision and pedigree of the data to ProStar’s geospatial database in real time. The PointMan mobile solution provides the field worker with the ability to visualize their proximity relative to existing infrastructure, view any existing data relating to that infrastructure and provide the ability to edit historical location data, update design drawings, capture GPS tagged photos and make notes or sketches before submitting the information to the Transparent Earth geospatial service.

Business Rules Service for Enterprise Integration

EarthWorm® is ProStar's integration services for the capture, storage, logging, management, aggregation, and routing of data. EarthWorm receives asset location data represented as precision points, lines and polygons and any associated metadata from compliant data collection devices running PointMan. EarthWorm is where the business rules for precision integration, data aggregation, security, user administration, connectivity, routing, queuing, messaging, data transformation, application integration, reporting and other business rules services combine patented processes to provide with a complete picture of what lies above and below the surface. EarthWorm essentially provides the services necessary to integrate utility infrastructure information in a manner that provides the precision, pedigree, alignment and tolerance to create a single conflated view so that business decisions can be made based on the information being presented and visualized. EarthWorm's business rules and precision processes ensure that client requirements and regulatory requirements are met, data security is addressed, and that the needs of the subsurface utility engineering disciplines and the damage prevention community are supported.

ProStar Precision Integration™

ProStar precision integration™ processes are designed to meet differing external and internal communication environments. The ProStar solutions support several scenarios from a client's enterprise business practices, including administrative project management, construction, locates, data collection, excavating etc. Each scenario can have its own unique business requirements, so the ProStar services and integration tools are designed to be open & flexible in order to support multi-stakeholder scenarios.

The ProStar solutions manage every step in the data lifecycle to ensure that the data quality maintains the highest level of integrity possible and is always kept up-to-date. Enterprise interoperability, real-time and data pedigree are the key components that dramatically improve field-to-office communications, worker productivity and the ability to make better business decisions regarding all phases of asset management and damage prevention practices. The term "pedigree" refers to feature metadata that supports a classification of quality as dictated by the client or quality levels as prescribed by CSA S250 and ASCE 38 standards community. Our services and solutions are designed to dramatically improve the ability of field operations to manage assets and to avoid conflicts that can occur during construction and asset management related activities. This is accomplished by providing field personnel with the ability to collect, access, and visualize mission critical location data in real-time which allows them to make more informed decisions with an improved level of confidence.


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