ProStar specializes in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions™. Our flagship solution is Transparent Earth®, a natively Cloud and Mobile solution offered as Software as a Service. Transparent Earth is designed to improve the business practices of any industry involved in the management of sub-surface infrastructure including utility, oil & gas, construction, engineering & surveying, 811 and contract locating. When close enough is no longer good enough, Transparent Earth enables real-time access to critical and precise location information where and when it is most needed including in the office or out in the field. Transparent Earth enables clients to improve their operations by reducing risks, monitoring workflows, measuring productivity and making more informed business decisions with a higher degree of confidence.


In North America alone there is an estimated 35 million miles of subsurface infrastructure that is comprised of buried pipelines and utilities that deliver critical services to our homes and businesses. Every minute of every working day one of these critical assets is seriously damaged from construction activity. When damage occurs, electrical and communication services are lost, water services are disrupted, gaseous substances are released into the environment and in worse case scenarios there are serious injuries or loss of life. ProStar’s patented Precision Mapping Solutions™ are proven to enhance the construction and management of subsurface infrastructure and to protect the worker, the public and the environment. If you are serious about improving your current business operations and protecting your most valuable assets, then you need to consider ProStar’s Solution.


Transparent Earth is designed to work from the desktop and to be seamlessly mobile. This means Transparent Earth can provide real-time visualization of critical infrastructure data to both office personnel and field workers when and where it is most needed. By working seamlessly with mobile devices field workers can easily view critical information from the enterprise in real-time and confirm its positional accuracy and data content. Providing mobile functionality onto the project site means that project data is being properly captured and recorded to meet project requirements and regulatory standards. It also means any existing records stored in enterprise systems can now be cross referenced onsite to validate the location accuracy and integrity of any data associated to the infrastructure.


Transparent Earth aggregates data from multiple systems of record including on-premise systems, external third party systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to deliver critical infrastructure management information on demand. Transparent Earth is designed to enable significant enhancements to current infrastructure management business practices by providing precision data, real-time notifications and robust data analytics & reporting.


Transparent Earth embraces globally accepted web services, open technologies and data standards to support seamless integration with client's existing business systems. This means Transparent Earth eliminates data silos and streamlines data processes by creating a fully integrated enterprise system and making the entire infrastructure management life-cycle, easier, safer and more precise.