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Quality Control on Construction Site

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ProStar® is recognized as a world leader in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions®

ProStar is a software company that specializes in developing patented cloud and mobile solutions offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our flagship product is PointMan®, a precision mapping solution, proven to significantly enhance the workflow processes and business practices associated with the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure both above and below the Earth’s surface.


PointMan provides the ability to precisely capture, record, display, and manage critical infrastructure in real-time, including roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, and utilities. Our clients span from Fortune 500 construction companies, utility owners, and government agencies to smaller entities including engineering & surveying firms, municipalities and universities.

Learn why Fortune 500 construction firms, utility owners, government agencies, and municipalities are adopting PointMan.

Quality Control on Construction Site

Learn why Fortune 500 construction firms, utility owners, government agencies and municipalities are adopting PointMan.

Every minute of every working day underground utility assets are seriously damaged from construction activity. When damage occurs, electrical and communication services are lost, water services are disrupted, gaseous substances are released into the environment and in worse case scenarios there are serious injuries or loss of life. PointMan Precision Mapping Solutions are designed to improve the workflow processes and business practices for the construction and maintenance of these critical assets and to enhance the safety of the worker, the public and the environment.

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Number of miles of utility lines that are buried in the United States alone


Number of utility damages that occur each year in the United States alone


Annual estimate to locate underground infrastructure prior to construction 


Annual estimated impact of underground damage on the economy

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PointMan by ProStar

PointMan is a cloud and mobile software application. Working seamlessly with mobile devices enables field workers to easily access and visualize information on demand including the type, condition and precise location of assets. This means critical data is delivered into the workers hands in real-time when and where it is most needed, which is often on the project site. Being seamlessly mobile also means that project data is digitally captured and recorded to ensure both project requirements and regulatory standards are achieved.

ProStar is a Proud Member of OGC

ProStar embraces Open Geospatial Consortium globally accepted web services, open technologies and data standards to support seamless integration with client’s existing systems of record including both GIS and CAD. This means ProStar’s Solution eliminates the issue of disparate and fragmented systems and creates a fully integrated geospatial enterprise system that makes accessing and visualizing critical data much faster, easier and more precise.

Industry Recognition

PorStar Made it to the 30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019

“We selected the only solution that we felt would provide the desired results and that solution was PointMan Enterprise.”

Rick Pevarski
Virginia 811


“A simple to use platform, with advanced features, that solve complex problems within the DOT ecosystem for subsurface utilities.”

Jack Calvin
Director, State Government
DOT'S/MOT'S - North America
Trimble Geospatial


 "We chose PointMan as our educational application for data collection as it was simply unmatched in terms of how easy it is to use as well as the precision and data quality levels it provides."

Tyler Bristow
Centerline Mapping

“ProStar has been on the forefront of developing advanced geospatial technologies for well over a decade now and has created one of our firm’s most impressive IP portfolios.”

Raymond R. Tabandeh
Lewis Roca Rothergerber Christie LLP

“Knowing the origin, locational accuracy methods, and integrity of utility data are critical to managing the risks of using that data; ProStar’s attribution of Precision, Pedigree, and Provenance to utility data delivers measurable confidence to stakeholders.”

Jim Anspach, Founding Governor -
ASCE Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute

“CDOT finds incredible value in ProStar's geospatial asset management solution that is customizable, highly effective, and capable of high accuracy data capture.”

Rob Martindale, PLS
Program Manager - Utilities/Railroads
Colorado Department of Transportation

“Trimble and ProStar have partnered to define the next generation of utility mapping.”

Stephanie Michaud, P. Eng.
Strategic Marketing Manager
Trimble Inc.

“PointMan delivers a more efficient workflow process, trusted data quality and precision. It is also, by far, the easiest to use when compared to any of the other major mobile GIS solutions on the market that I have used”

Joseph M. Porter, KCI Technologies
Inc. S.U.E. and Utility Coordination
National Training and Quality Control Manager