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ProStar is a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions® and is creating a digital world by further integrating the most modern GPS, cloud, and mobile technologies in Precision Mapping Solutions. ProStar is a software development and solution provider company specializing in developing cloud and mobile precision mapping solutions focused on the critical infrastructure industry. ProStar’s flagship product, PointMan® , is designed to significantly improve the workflow processes and business practices associated with the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure assets both above and below the Earth’s surface.

Our growing list of clients include Fortune 500 construction companies, utility owners, government agencies, engineering & surveying firms, and municipalities 

“CDOT finds incredible value in ProStar's geospatial asset management solution that is customizable, highly effective, and capable of high accuracy data capture.”

 – Rob Martindale
PLS Program Manager – Utilities/Railroads
Colorado Department of Transportation

“In our efforts to continue to be a Global leader and to satisfy our customer’s needs, we are eager to work with the leading technology providers that offer value-added software solutions. PointMan fits that model with a world-class utility mapping software that complements our solutions.”

– Matthew Wolf
President of ImpulseRadar USA, Inc.

“PointMan as it meets our high standards and offers unprecedented accuracy, aligns with our growth strategy, and best of all, is it is very easy to use and cost-effective.”

– Rhys Lambert
Gerneral Manager of Operations

“By adopting PointMan, we feel confident that we are implementing a world-class utility mapping solution that will provide us the ability to identify any utility infrastructure that is buried in the ground, which can be a serious concern in terms of worker and environmental safety as well as operational costs.”

– Philippe Gaultier
VP of Development Projects

“We adopted ProStar’s PointMan as it is a robust cloud and mobile mapping solution that provides us with a valuable toolset that will assist us in accomplishing our goals.”

– Chris Post
President, 2M Locating

“We have tried other solutions, but after months of testing, PointMan has proven to be the solution that best fits our needs in order to provide superior and consistent underground mapping services.”

– Chris Bower
Co-Founder and Director
Utility Mapping

“ProStar’s PointMan precision mapping solution means we can now locate, mark and map critical underground infrastructure in the proposed right-of-way for the fiber loop. "

– Skip McIntosh
Landmark SUE Services

“We are excited to create this level of a partnership with ProStar. This collaboration will increase the value of our products by providing the ability to capture, record, display, and share precise location data with a simple to use mobile application.”

– Larry Fox
VP Marketing and Business Development, Bad Elf

“Simply put, we adopted PointMan because it makes our jobs easier, safer, and creates efficiencies for our clients and partners.”

– Frank Schill 
Pipeline Inspector

“Pairing PointMan with our Utiliguard 2 expands the ability and ease of our clients to provide better data quality to increase productivity and at the same time reduce cable strikes.

– Christopher Thompson
Product Marketing Manager
Subsite Electronics
Our growing list of clients include Fortune 500 construction companies, utility owners, government agencies, engineering & surveying firms, and municipalities 

ProStar’s PointMan is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and seamlessly connects the field with the office and provides the ability to precisely capture, record, display, and manage critical infrastructure, including pipelines and utilities. Some of the largest entities in North America have adopted ProStar’s Precision Mapping solutions, including Fortune 500 construction firms, Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) firms, utility owners, and government agencies. ProStar has strategic business partnerships with the world’s leading geospatial technology providers, data collection equipment manufacturers, and dealer networks.

The Company has made a significant investment in creating a vast intellectual property portfolio that includes several issued patents in the United States and Canada. The patents protect the methods and systems to digitally capture, record, organize, manage, distribute, and display the precise location of critical infrastructure, including buried utilities and pipelines. ProStar’s Executive management team has extensive experience in the management of both early-stage and Fortune 500 technology companies in the private and public sectors.

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