AWT Pro member Exclusive Director of Sales Matt Dragon, ProStar Inc Stock Symbol MAPPF

February 1, 2022


Trading Symbol: MAPPF

TSX Venture Exchange

Trading Symbol: MAPS

In this Alpha Wolf trading interview, you will hear why Matt Dragon has become the Director of Sales at ProStar Inc, Stock symbol MAPPF. You also hear why Matt believes that PointMan will become the ” De Facto standard” for identifying our utility infrastructure with centimeter accuracy, recording, and uploading a digital footprint to the cloud with any mobile device. Our underground infrastructure is responsible for an estimated 30-61 billion costs to this country due to accidental utility strikes. Around five hundred thousand annually, and that number continues to climb. We continue to lay fiber, electricity, and gas to the 35 million miles of utilities we already have buried underground with no clear digital footprint letting us know where they are. This is a MASSIVE problem. Matt is going to help the industry realize that ProStar has the solution. PointMan is not just a bandaid but an enterprise software and viable solution that will change the industry and protect our environment, citizens, and workers for decades to come.