April 22, 2023

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In a world where hidden dangers lurk beneath our feet, Page Tucker stands at the forefront of a solution that promises to transform how we manage and protect our underground assets. As the CEO of Prostar Inc., Page Tucker leads a visionary team that addresses a multibillion-dollar problem plaguing the United States – accidental utility strikes. Every year, over 500,000 of these incidents occur, resulting in staggering financial costs and, tragically, in the loss of precious lives.
Consider for a moment the profound impact of a high-pressure gas line breach or a mishap with an oil or sewer line – it extends far beyond monetary expenses. Such incidents can jeopardize the safety of our food supply and drinking water, posing grave risks to public health. With an astonishing 35 million miles of underground utilities crisscrossing our nation, it’s alarming to realize that we lack a comprehensive digital map of these assets. Many are buried solely on paper plans, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint their exact locations.
This is where Prostar Inc.’s groundbreaking innovation, Pointman, comes into play. With unparalleled precision, Pointman can identify underground assets with remarkable one-centimeter accuracy, capturing, recording, and uploading this critical data to the cloud in real-time. The efficiencies it generates can distinguish between a construction project staying on schedule and within budget or spiraling into costly delays.
What’s more, municipalities now have the means to possess the exact location of all their assets, both above and below ground. But the impact doesn’t stop there; Pointman’s integration into renowned geospatial equipment providers like Leica, 3M, and Trimble ensures its seamless incorporation into existing workflows.
Prostar Inc.’s journey to revolutionize utility management has attracted the support of industry titans. Wayne Moore, former head of mergers and acquisitions for Goldman Sachs, recently joined Prostar’s Board of Directors, demonstrating his belief in the company’s transformative potential by investing $1.5 million in their latest private offering.
Taking a giant leap forward, the state of Colorado has recognized the paramount importance of Pointman. In a pioneering move, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) passed a law mandating the use of Pointman Software for all right-of-way projects. Failing to employ this cutting-edge technology is now considered breaking the law, underlining its significance in ensuring public safety.
Beyond construction and regulatory compliance, Pointman’s benefits extend to the world of insurance and surety companies. These companies can lower their premiums by mitigating the risks associated with accidental utility strikes, providing yet another incentive for widespread adoption.
Prostar’s reach is no longer confined to U.S. borders; the company now boasts satisfied customers in Australia, Finland, Canada, and the United States. As Page Tucker continues to spearhead the charge against utility strikes, the potential impact of Prostar Inc.’s solution on the global stage becomes almost incomprehensible.
In conclusion, with his dedicated team at Prostar Inc., Page Tucker is at the helm of a transformational force set to revolutionize utility management, safeguard lives, and streamline operations. As we navigate the complex labyrinth of underground utilities, the beacon of Pointman shines brightly, guiding us toward a safer and more efficient future. This is not just a local problem; it’s a global imperative, and Prostar Inc. is leading the way.
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