PointMan is Designed to Improve Your Workflow Processes and Reduce Risks Associated with Construction

Not knowing the location of buried utilities is a major concern for infrastructure construction companies when groundbreaking activities are required. Far too often, buried utilities are not where existing records indicate they are. The result can be line strikes that lead to serious injuries, significant delays, and a dramatic increase in project costs. 
PointMan® significantly reduces risks and liabilities associated with not knowing the location of buried utilities. PointMan is designed to capture, record, and display the precise location of buried utilities, including mission-critical data, all in real-time.
“PointMan Pro is just a better way to do data collection and reduce risks and liabilities associated with the construction of our critical infrastructure projects,” said Dustin Kelsey, Project Manager at Kraemer. “I can see other infrastructure construction firms, both large and small, following in our footsteps and adopting PointMan.”