PointMan is Designed to Improve the Management of Your Critical Infrastructure, Both Above and Below Ground

Not knowing the location of buried utilities is a major concern for any municipality.  Far too often, buried utilities are not where existing records indicate they are. The result can be line strikes that lead to serious injuries, significant delays, and a dramatic increase in project costs. It is also a major risk and liability to the public and worker safety.
PointMan® significantly reduces risks and liabilities associated to not knowing the location of buried utilities. PointMan is designed to capture, record, and display the precise location of assets including, buried utilities.
PointMan® is a modern and easy-to-use asset management system. With PointMan, you can now easily and affordably go from paper to digital. To make your transition even easier, we can convert your current as-built drawings into digital records and import them into PointMan.
“ProStar’s solution was chosen for many key reasons including the fact it is affordable, easy to use, and provides exactly what we need to meet the NJDEP mandate for precision and collection parameters standards,” stated Sandra Caceres Director of Public Works for the Township of Aberdeen, New Jersey. “There is nothing on the market even remotely close to PointMan, and I believe that there will be a larger number of other small municipalities in the U.S. that are also looking for a comprehensive mapping solution that is affordable and easy to implement and manage and in particular here in New Jersey based on state mandates.”