Transparent Earth is designed to support integration with enterprise operations including Land, Construction, Operations and Risk using ProStar Precision Integration®. ProStar Precision Integration supports streaming and conflating data from multiple systems of record and the IoT, including CAD, GIS & Web-Mapping Services to both desktop and mobile applications. ProStar Precision Integration empowers customers to leverage modern technology and simplify current business processes, as well as introduce flexibility to drive low cost of ownership and operational agility. Best of all, ProStar Precision Integration drives value by avoiding expensive customization and reducing implementation requirements.


Precision Integration leverages industry standards and modern web service protocols including PODS™ data modelling and OGC® open data standards. This enables data to be standardized and streamed directly from data sources to Transparent Earth. Precision Integration utilizes these globally accepted and compliant protocols to provide real-time access to client data and to insure it can be easily configured and secured. When data is exchanged between Transparent Earth and any other system, be it CAD or GIS, it is a relatively easy task to import the data in its original reference. By leveraging globally accepted data modelling and configuration standards, interface and inconsistent data formatting concerns are easily addressed.


ProStar's professional services team works closely with clients to provide business specific solutions in a consultative, training and operational capacity. This approach ensures that client business practices and methodologies are preserved and that the new vision is embraced in an expedient manner with minimal impact to current business practices.