May 21st, 2015 -

Raleigh, North Carolina will now serve as ProStar's Eastern Regional Office. The office stands in One Bank America Plaza, in the Triangle region, home to numerous high-tech companies and enterprises. The new office is also conveniently located just minutes from North Carolina State University's world-renowned research and educational programs in geospatial analytics.

"We are growing rapidly and an eastern US presence just made good business sense at this juncture of our growth cycle. We have expanded our operations into a new office location that will allow us to continue to grow our business with the necessary talent," said Dan Colby, ProStar's Senior VP of Geospatial Technologies. Prostar selected Raleigh as the location because it meets its core criteria of a strong university system and a business-friendly environment conducive to recruitment of talent and continued growth. Colby added, "As a result, we are now in the process of relocating our entire geospatial team here to partner with the Center for Geospatial Analytics at NC State University. Our close proximity to campus will facilitate a cutting-edge collaboration between the students and our industry." The Center for Geospatial Analytics has one of the top professional masters programs in geospatial information science and technology in the country and focuses on delivering a geospatial workforce ready to meet the challenges of a dynamic geospatial industry.

About The Research Triangle: The Research Triangle, commonly referred to as "The Triangle," is a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina anchored by North Carolina State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the cities of Raleigh and Durham, and the towns of Cary and Chapel Hill. The "Triangle" cemented itself in public consciousness with the creation of Research Triangle Park, home to numerous high-tech companies and enterprises. Although the name is now used to refer to the metropolitan region, "The Triangle" originally referred to the universities whose research facilities and educated workforce historically served as a major attraction for businesses.

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