Critical information in the palm of your hands


PointMan® Mobile is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset location data from a mobile device. PointMan is designed to collect precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to those points. This pedigree includes the precise location of where forms, photos and sketches were created. Using our patented processes, PointMan captures, binds and submits the precision data to Transparent Earth in real-time. PointMan mobile dramatically improves field-to-office communications, workflow processes and the ability to capture and qualify field data.


Going Mobile Means Going Digital. Paper documents by their very nature are extremely difficult to store, search for, or share. To make matters worse, a majority of these paper documents are not geo-referenced as they were produced several decades ago, long before modern mobile and geospatial systems existed. By putting PointMan Mobile into the hands your workforce you can now eliminate paper documents, increase productivity and substantially improve data quality.


Connect the Field to the Office in Real-time. PointMan mobile provides real-time communication between the office and the field. This means that as data being captured and stored by field personnel, it is immediately available to office staff to quality assure the data and identify any potential discrepancies. The bottom line is that PointMan enables our clients to easily consume field data into their enterprise business systems and immediately improve operations without substantial investment or change in current business practices.


PointMan Mobile application runs on intrinsically safe and rugged mobile devices for hazardous areas. PointMan is also designed to interface with modern cable & pipe locators as well as external GPS & GNSS receivers for precision data locating. Best of all, PointMan is designed to work both online and offline when connectivity is disrupted or simply unavailable.