Operations & Maintenance Module

Operations and Maintenance Module provides the ability to create and manage your operations and maintenance tasks including risks, assessments, repairs and remediation through a configurable and standardized electronic documentation process. Authorized personnel receive task completion notifications and are able to visualize, monitor and qualify the work performed in real-time from any desktop or mobile device.

Maintenance & Repair Reports provide a consistent framework for capturing routine maintenance work, equipment inspections and repairs using an electronic form to ensure completeness and accuracy. Maintenance reports are easily accessible using icons that are displayed visually on the map, or displayed and accessed via the dashboard for reporting in a tabular format. Document management is fully supported to assure that documentation required by regulators is captured as part of the maintenance records.

Public Awareness supports outreach programs intended to remind stakeholders that reside in the vicinity of an asset of the nature of the buried assets, risks, and the associated responsibilities of living in its proximity. The system supports the assignment of stakeholders to internal personnel or third party Land Agents and provides reporting and tracking functions monitor their progress in executing the program using tabular reports and real-time visual progress on the map. To simplify business practices and work flow, electronic forms are provided that automatically populate based on the parcel and stakeholder information already on hand. Upon completion of the form the database is updated in real-time. The Public Awareness functions support the creation and generation of line lists, mailing lists, queries, reports and auto-notifications.

Landowner Consultation provides assignment of parcels to individual Land Agents. The Land Agent is able to schedule consultations with the landowner or stakeholder, create electronic record of contact forms to document the consultation, and complete any legal documents required to acquire easements, gain access or receive releases.

Federal and state regulations provide strict guidelines for companies and agencies to develop, maintain and continuously improve both the integrity management and damage prevention practices to protect all stakeholders including, the workers, the public and the environment. Operations & Maintenance Module includes functions that support both the integrity management and damage prevention practices including One Call ticket management, PIM, Cable & Pipe Locating and Public Awareness Programs.

ClickToDig™ is designed to manage the electronic transmission of One Call ticket data and documents concerning buried assets leveraging Transparent Earth. ClickToDig functions include One Call ticket mapping & display of incoming locate requests from the One Call Notification Centers and automatically mapping and displaying the ticket polygon area and associated metadata in real-time. The display and associated information is available to view on both desktop and mobile devices. When each ticket expires, it is automatically archived and removed from the active map display.