Darrell Williamson - Chief Sales Officer

Darrell Williamson has over 22 years of information technology experience from a system administrator to executive sales management.  Prior to Joining ProStar Darrell was the Sales Director at FyrSoft, where he built out five new US sales regions, and grew the business from 6 to over 50 employees. During his 8 year tenure at FyrSoft, he led the organization to achieve multi-Gold Certified Microsoft managed National Systems Integrator status.  FyrSoft was acquired by People Tech Group which enabled both companies to become a 1000+ employee global cloud software and services integration leader.  Throughout his sales career, Darrell has managed several vertical markets and sales regions for SaaS providers, hosting and colocation companies, on-premise software companies and IT integrators.  As a system administrator, Darrell supported middle market to enterprise sized customers with a focus on Fortune 50 energy companies including pipeline and product distribution business units. Darrell is a certified partner seller with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and other industry leading cloud providers.

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