PointMan® is a mobile software application that enables field personnel to capture precise cable and pipe locating data from a mobile device. PointMan is designed to capture precision location points and metadata associated to those points including, forms, photos and sketches. Using our patented processes, PointMan captures, binds and exports the data files in KMZ, Shapefile, CSV and PDF to a variety of GIS and CAD systems including Google Earth, ESRI, Bentley and AutoCad.


An Affordable Solution for Precision Locating. You no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a GPS or handheld device to collect precision data. PointMan running on a standard mobile device and connected via Bluetooth® to a cable & pipe locate tool and a low-cost GPS receiver now provides an affordable solution for precision locating of buried assets.


PointMan integrates External GPS/GNSS, RTK receivers, EM locate tools, and mobile devices to provide any configuration needed to meet business requirements. Organizations can often have unique requirements when it comes to precision & pedigree levels ranging from mapping grade to Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) level quality. Some data collection and mapping needs are met with GPS built into modern mobile devices, whereas others may require very precise levels not available from these standard devices. When higher levels of precision to meet SUE level qualifications are required, PointMan is designed to integrate to external GPS/GNSS and RTK receivers as well as major manufacturers' EM locate tools.


PointMan Meets Mapping Standard Guidelines. PointMan maintains and measures data precision, integrity, and quality throughout the entire asset management lifecycle, from initial point of capture, through distribution and display. These data processes are now being adopted as both US and Canadian mapping standards under the Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Exisitng Subsurface Utility Data and can be found under US ASCE 38-02 and CSA S-250-11.