Projects Module

Projects Module allows clients to digitally document and manage projects all in real-time improving workflow collaboration, data integrity, compliance and speed to completion. Projects module provides complete electronic documentation and geospatial tracking of all phases related to projects including land management, damage prevention, utility designation and survey & engineering business practices. Project managers can now visualize the project data from a single dashboard or mobile device to monitor the project’s progress and receive notifications in real-time. Data collection, reporting and analytics are intuitive and interactive, which makes data processes easier, more manageable and ensures the data’s integrity for all project personnel.

Project Tracking consists of estimating, data collection, progress reporting, and closeout. Estimating function provides the ability for a parametric estimate to be developed to track actual progress against a budget. To affect this, there are data collection functions including time entry and completion quantities. Progress reporting is displayed visually on the map or in tabular format as required. Document management is also fully supported including files, photos and comments to assure that documentation required by regulators is captured as part of the project records.

Document Manager provides the ability to store documents into a predefined directory architecture by project. Files can be created and managed from both the desktop and mobile device. Documents can be geospatially associated to any point, line or polygon. Document templates are readily available to project personnel to ensure quality and standardization when required.

Materials functionality provides the ability to record the receipt of major materials in the field, complete with all mandatory information to assure that materials are tracked and installed in the correct location. For example; as it pertains to a pipeline project, this means the ability for capturing physical and material attributes as it is unloaded from the rail-car or transport truck and the correct piping materials such as heavy wall piping and factory bends are delivered to the specific location where they are to be installed.

Inspections functionality includes the ability to complete and submit electronic inspection reports and track the progress of all major activities against the project plan and schedule in real-time. Inspections also supports photographic documentation and contains a dedicated electronic project document repository. Inspections are supported by dynamic forms that allow an inspector to easily create, manage and submit real-time inspection reports. Reports are interactive and derive values from previous reports to ensure data integrity and make data capture easier for an inspector.

Cable & Pipe Locating functions enables locate technicians to capture the precise location of buried assets in real-time. When the locate technician records the location of the asset, the mobile application records the cable and pipe locate device’s manufacturer and serial number, frequency, current, and depth reading, the GPS receiver manufacturer and serial number, and the geospatial data including the precise position and the number of satellites in view. The technician then documents the locate using a form that is auto-populated with critical information from the One Call ticket’s data. The locate form contains functions to embed photographs and electronic locate sketches in order to create a permanent irrefutable record of the locate mark-outs.