ProStar delivers reliable, easy to use, One Call online ticket request application

The impact of a US State One Call Center deploying an online ticket request application developed by ProStar was felt almost immediately. Within days of the initial deployment, home owners and professional contractors were commenting on the positive impact of this online user-friendly platform. Anywhere from 400 to 750 online ticket requests are being submitted and processed daily. The platform provides a streamlined customer experience that saves time for customers, member utilities and One Call Center employees.  Creating an online dig request and getting a confirmation that the dig request was received took a first-time user a little over 10 minutes and experienced users can reduce this time to about five minutes. Online One Call Ticket request creation has proven to be simple, fast and available 24/7. Just like online banking or online flight reservations, online dig request functionality will stick. 

Process change improves customer experience

Tickets are released directly to the utility owners/operators without the involvement of One Call staff due to the checks and balances built into the application. This new process is empowering homeowners and contractors to take responsibility for the quality of data in the One Call Dig request. The key to improved process is cutting out the call to the One Call center agent and enabling home owners and contractors to create ticket requests 24/7 directly from online mobile devices and personal computers since they have direct knowledge about the excavation location, excavation information and the necessary contact information. Enabling home owners and contractors to submit web ticket requests, requires a simple user interface that minimizes typing and allows utility owners/operators to receive requests automatically without delay. Bing Maps is currently used providing for address geolocation functions and viewing dig locations. No end user training or help files are required as the application is simple and intuitive, and where needed, screens simply list tips for using the online application. On the business side, this change in process supports growth due to new legislation and increasing call volumes.

Figure 1 Excavation location (

Figure 1 Excavation location (

Figure 2 Excavation Information (    )

Figure 2 Excavation Information ( )

Front-end web ticket entry application features

  • No user name and password needed
  • Addresses are verified by the application
  • Map of the dig site location is provided to allow the user to verify the exact area of excavation
  • A Notification Polygon around the single address parcel is automatically generated
  • Guided questions simplify the locate request process

Looking ahead

Future development will support professional excavators that are doing work on road easements and other works that are not restricted to a single address. As part of this future initiative, the excavator will be able to draw on the map the precise location and route of the planned excavation. ProStar will continue to improve business processes for One Call centers by providing real-time precision mapping solutions.  ProStar is in the business of bringing back office processes to the end users where they can ensure that their input is valid. By moving backend process to the front-end business can scale their call volumes more efficiently.