ProStar Geocorp (ProStar) announced today it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to deploy its industry leading Geospatial Intelligence Software™ on Microsoft Azure. As part of the agreement, ProStar has moved its entire solutions platform, including Transparent Earth® software-as-a-service (SaaS), from Rackspace® onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

ProStar is best known for providing its award-winning cloud and mobile asset management systems to the pipeline and utility industries. “I am very pleased we selected Microsoft Azure after evaluating all public cloud offerings and that today we can finally announce we have officially completed the ‘lift & shift’ to Microsoft’s cloud,” said Peter Forster ProStar’s Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Forster went on to say, “We expect that the move will improve all aspects of our solution deployment including: access, availability, disaster readiness, scalability and security. We believe ProStar’s Solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure’s capabilities is a big win for both companies. It provides the energy industry with superior cloud and mobile solutions designed to address operational efficiencies including disparate and fragmented systems that have plagued the industry for years. Prostar’s deployment and commercialization could prove timely as companies will now be able to utilize modern technology to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve regulatory compliance.”

As part of the arrangement, ProStar plans to create new experiences for clients using Microsoft products to support the Cloud First Mobile First initiative. This is key for Microsoft, since ProStar is supporting organizations in the energy industry, many of which still manage their own data centers through on-premise systems. ProStar agrees to provide applications to support its geospatial intelligent solutions in what is commonly known as a “hybrid cloud environment,” therefore, driving the incentive and motivation for companies to upgrade technologies and utilize cloud and mobile options such as Azure. According to Suren Machiraju, a member of the Azure Engineering Team and author of Hardening Azure Applications, “ProStar was very keen on leveraging a much tighter integration with several Microsoft solutions including PowerBI, SharePoint, Office 365 and Bing Maps, which are familiar and intuitive software solutions that will now seamlessly integrate with ProStar’s Solutions and can easily be leveraged throughout the industry.”

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