Transparent Earth Dashboard & Layer Panel Update 


The new Transparent Earth Dashboard & Layer Panel includes several feature improvements to allow for better organization, more dynamic quick search, and faster access to your geospatial data. 

New Dashboard Updates: 

  1. Personal Settings

Personal Settings is now activated by clicking the Username on the Dashboard. 

  1. Quick Search
    Quick Search options are now generated from the Layer Panel. All Non-Raster layers will appear in Quick Search. Dashboard formatting and icons will now dynamically match the Layer PanelStandard Functions are not configurable (i.e. Notifications, My Calendar, Zoom To Coordinate and GeoLocation services). 

Please note:  Quick Search is only available on Non-Raster Layers. 

New Layer Panel Updates: 

  1. New Layer Panel Menu

The labels for Layer Panel menu buttons have been changed to icons rather than text.  

  1. Layer Panel Filter

 Selecting the Filter icon displays a text box that will filter all layers displayed in the Layer Panel. 

  1. Hide/Show Map Inset

 A Plus/Minus icon has been added to the top left corner of the Layer Panel for the Map Inset which will show a zoomed-out view of the area surrounding the current Map View. 

  1. Hide/Show Layer Group

 Right clicking a Layer Group will give users a Show/Hide dropdown to respectively expand or shrink the layers nested under that Layer Group. 

  1. Layer Panel Context Menu Options

Right click an individual layer to view the additional Context Menu options. Users can now show the Layer Legend, Zoom to the Layer Extent, and Export the Layer from the Layer Panel.