Episode 020: Tech visionary Page Tucker on his journey to becoming President and CEO of ProStar Holdings

January 23, 2023

TSX Venture Exchange

Trading Symbol: MAPS


Trading Symbol: MAPPF

Page Tucker, President and CEO of ProStar Holdings (TSXV: MAPS) talks to TSX’s George Khalife about how he got his start in the tech industry. Known as a “tech visionary” early on for predictive modeling in the automotive industry, Page has an extensive background in technology start-ups. He has authored more than 20 patents based on geospatial, mobile and cloud technologies including the methods for capturing, recording and displaying the precise location of buried infrastructure, and in 2014 founded ProStar, which specializes in the development of mapping software. ProStar’s solutions are being adopted by some of the largest entities in North America and listed on TSX Venture Exchange in 2021.

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