Imagine, your entire operations just a click away


Transparent Earth delivers modern cloud & mobile technology and provides transparency and geospatial intelligence throughout the enterprise to improve current asset management business practices. Transparent Earth leverages a state-of-the-art open geospatial engine, web-enabled cloud services and open data standards to enable real-time and seamless integration with the client's enterprise systems, third party systems and even the Internet of Things (IoT). Transparent Earth delivers immediate and measurable value to any phase of the asset management lifecycle and enables more confident and informed business decisions to be made in the office and out in the field.


Transparent Earth creates a fully integrated enterprise asset management system designed to enhance client's current operations and asset management business practices. By combining Transparent Earth cloud, patented precision integration and geospatial intelligence with client's legacy systems, Transparent Earth addresses the fragmented and disconnected business practices that today are plaguing industry.


Transparent Earth runs on the largest and most secure cloud infrastructure in the world. Transparent Earth is composed of patented integration tools and business processes that are uniquely designed to improve all phases of the asset management lifecycle. Best of all, Transparent Earth streamlines operations and provides transparency and geospatial intelligence throughout the enterprise without the need for investment in hardware and support infrastructure.


Transparent Earth is both simple and intuitive for all users. If you are familiar with using popular applications like sharing with friends on Facebook, searching for information or locations using Google and managing your data with Microsoft products, then you will easily navigate Transparent Earth. Where other asset management systems can take years to learn how to operate, Transparent Earth is so simple and intuitive, users of all levels can be up and operating in a matter of hours. Transparent Earth is designed to empower users with a wealth of information with just the click of a button from any device. 


Transparent Earth is designed to seamlessly operate with mobile devices and provide real-time connectivity and visualization of asset management data from enterprise systems, third party systems and Internet of Things (IoT). Transparent Earth enables field workers to access and visualize critical asset information in real-time and make more informed and confident decisions as well as confirm the integrity of the data and positional accuracy of the asset. This functionality can ensure that new data being captured is properly measured and quantified and that it meets both project and regulatory requirements.