CGA Convention - March 25, 2019

Next-Gen Locates: ProStar 2019 CGA Webinar

In Part 1 of the series, see the ProStar Team demonstrate their Cloud and Mobile Solution in this Webinar put together for CGA 2019.


StableView TECH18 Conference - November 28, 2018

Combining Geospatial Technology with Business Intelligence

At the StableView TECH18 conference, SmallCapPower spoke with Page Tucker, CEO and President of ProStar Geocorp, about the Company's geospatial intelligence software called Transparent Earth®.

Watch here or go to SmallCapPower


Microsoft - March 12, 2018

Microsoft's Digitial Transformation

Microsoft Corporation has recognized Colorado-based software company ProStar Geocorp's as part of the company's digital transformation.

Go here to learn more about Microsoft's Digital Transformations.
Read Microsoft's ProStar Case Study here.


Western Slope Now - June 18, 2017

Tech Enticement

News coverage of the "Grand 'Silicon' Valley" video release shows that you don't need to live in a big city to be successful in the tech industry.

Watch here or go to


Subsurface Solutions - March 11, 2018

GPS Option for RD8100 Locator

GPS demonstration illustrates the mapping of utility lines simply with the RD8100 Locator, PointMan and the Geode GPS antenna.

Watch here or go to Juniper Systems


Western Slope Now - November 23, 2017

ProStar Leads Global Utility Mapping Industry and Earns $250,000 Grant

A Grand Junction company, Prostar Geocorp, is leading the world in making cities smarter and they're starting the program in its home city.

Watch here or go to


Grand Junction Economic Partnership - June 15, 2017

Grand 'Silicon' Valley

Video, sponsored by Colorado Pera and produced by Lightbulb Media, features ProStar Geocorp's Page Tucker and other entrepreneurs who both work and live in the Grand Valley.


North Carolina State University - February, 2017

ProStar Conducts Open Layer's Seminar

ProStar's Dan Colby and Nathan Kannan conduct an open layers seminar held at North Carolina State University.


The Colorado State House of Representatives - January 12, 2017

Governor Mentions ProStar in State of the State Address

Governor Hickenlooper recognizes ProStar Geocorp's acceptance into the Rural Jumpstart Program and winning the APEX award for Entrepreneurship while speaking at the Colorado State House of Representatives State of the State address.



Colorado Technology Association - August 3, 2016

ProStar Co-Hosts Colorado Tech Tour

The Colorado Technology Assoctiation (CTA) brought the Colorado Tech Tour to Grand Junction earlier this year and the visit was co-hosted by ProStar Geocorp on Wednesday August 3rd, 2016.