Centerline Mapping Selects ProStar’s PointMan for Their Utility Mapping Educational Training


SMITHFIELD, Va.–()–Centerline Mapping and ProStar™ have partnered to offer a powerful educational platform that provides students professional level courses with an in-depth focus on capturing the precise location of underground utilities.

Centerline Mapping is an industry leader in providing utility mapping consulting and training for utility companies, locating firms, surveyors, and civil engineers whereas ProStar specializes in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions™. The partnership will enable Centerline Mapping to incorporate ProStar’s industry leading PointMan mobile data collection solution into their educational and training programs that teach advanced surveying and utility locating practices to the Centerline Mapping students.

Centerline Mapping’s founder, Tyler Bristow stated, “We found ProStar’s PointMan® to be the most affordable, user-friendly, and convenient utility data collection solution on the market. We chose PointMan as our educational application for data collection as it was simply unmatched in terms of how easy it is to use as well as the precision and data quality levels it provides.”

ProStar‘s Chief Executive Officer, Page Tucker stated, “We are delighted and honored that Centerline Mapping has selected PointMan as the mobile data collection software of choice to educate and train their students. I believe that through higher levels of education and training and providing improved tools designed to identify and record the precise location of underground utilities, we can transform the industry and start to reduce damages to utilities that currently occur far too often.”

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